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Boules dans le Park – Registration open

This Saturday sees the annual Boules dans le Park tournament in Newcastle Circus. First prize will be announced on the

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Park Garden Trail – 11th June 2023

The 25th Park Garden Trail is almost upon us, with 25 gardens to visit this year it really should be

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Half way through #NoMowMay getting ready for 30 days wild in June

We’re officially halfway through No Mow May, as our gardens and green spaces begin to spring to life! Thanks to


No Mow May!

Plantlife’s #NoMowMay is back, blooming better than ever!  Join our No Mow May movement and liberate your lawn starting on

NPRA Social Events

Get your tickets for the Party of the Year!

There are a few days left for you to get your tickets for the Park King’s Coronation Street Party which


RSPB Wild Weekender

He RSPB have got something special lined up this month, and you’re all invited! From 28 April to 1 May they will

NPRA Social Events

Second Sunday Social – Easter Sunday Special

It’s an immovable feast the Second Sunday Social – bar a bit of rain – so it’s fully on this

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Padel Tennis in the Park Bowl

Do you want Padel Tennis Courts in The Park Bowl? A Padel Tennis Company wants to submit a planning application for

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King’s Coronation Street Party – tickets available now!

Join us for an afternoon street party in celebration of the King’s Coronation on Saturday, 6th May 2023 from 13:00

Fundraising Social Events

Nottingham Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising Committee invites you to MemSaab Gourmet Lunch

On Sunday, 2nd April 2023 the Nottingham MS fundraising committee have organised a gourmet lunch at MemSaab. Greeted with a