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As you receive your brand new Park Card over the next couple of weeks you will notice a questionnaire included. If you wanted to complete this online then please click below. We will share results once we have a representative sample through.

Nottingham Park Estate

An historic residential estate in the heart of Nottingham. The Park is one of the most remarkable Victorian residential estates in the country and is an area of national architectural importance as well as a conservation area – it was once the deer park for Nottingham Castle which overlooks it. The estate is still lit by one of the largest gas street-lighting networks in Europe and is maintained privately by Nottingham Park Estate Limited.

This is the official website of the Nottingham Park Residents’ Association (NPRA). Park News is the bi-annual magazine, which has been published by the NPRA for over 35 years. The magazine continues to be published and delivered free of charge to every household twice a year.

The NPRA exists to represent the interests of the residents of the Estate.  If you are a resident, we encourage you to join us, and to keep an eye on the website for news and events. If you are just visiting, you are welcome to look around the site.

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Park Card 2024

There could be no better time to join the NPRA as a member with the benefits of the new Park Card 2024. Discounts with many local businesses mean you can recoup your annual memberships by just going out for a meal. We have added 6 new businesses to the card this year so you have even more ways to save.

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