The u3a is a nationwide movement dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and expertise gathered by members through their occupations, hobbies and interests. There are over 1000 autonomous local u3as set up in the UK, affiliated to the Third Age Trust (a registered charity) with more being added as we speak and  Park Nottingham is proud to join them. Based in The Park, in the historic heart of Nottingham, we aim to provide opportunities for members to explore learning and friendship in a welcoming and inclusive environment. You do not need to be resident in The Park to join!

You can find out more information at our website.

u3a membership is not related to a specific chronological age but to a period in one’s life after the ‘second age’ of full-time employment. Anyone in their ‘third age’ can join a u3a, including those who are working part-time. There is no lower age for membership and certainly no upper limit.

Retired people have a lifetime of experience and, collectively, a vast amount of knowledge. Knowledge of a particular subject/activity can be put to use in helping people who may never have had the opportunity to learn or experience it earlier in life. To do so, we form groups (you can find more details at the bottom of this page) around a topic or activity. Members can also decide to jointly explore and develop their own expertise from scratch. Revisit old interests afresh or develop new ones!

Park Nottingham u3a was launched in November 2016, based at  Nottingham Squash Rackets Club  in The Park, and is dedicated to providing activities and groups based on peer learning and joint exploration. We achieved full membership of the Trust in March 2017.

We also hold a monthly Coffee Morning at the Squash Club (see more on our events page) to socialise across the membership, host guest speakers and welcome prospective and new members. You are very welcome to pop along to see what is on offer. You can also join at the time or by contacting Membership Secretary via the form you can find on this page 

Alternatively, print off a Membership Form and follow the instructions.

Membership costs just £28 for a year- there is no charge to attend the monthly talk 

Come and see what we can offer!


Multiple groups of interest are meeting all the time. See below and click the links to find out more about each one.

Book Club – First Friday of the month 3.45pm @ NSRC

Canasta – Third Tuesday of the month 3pm

Computer Help – By Appointment

Early Doors – Friday  5-7pm @ NSRC bar

English Language – Variable

Film Club – 3rd Friday of the month 4pm

Fine Dining Club – Periodic

Flower Arranging – Last Monday of the month 1pm

Local History – Last Friday of the month 10am

Long Walks – Fourth Tuesday of the month 10am

Photography – First & third Monday of the month 2pm

Plants & Picnics – Varied Dates

Short Walks – Second Tuesday of the month 10 am