Pudding Competition Entry deadline extended

The Royal Platinum Pudding Competition is an important part of our celebrations inspired by the national competition involving Fortnum and Mason and the Palace. You may have seen it on BBC1 last week. If you missed it you can catch up with the programme using this link to the show in the BBC iplayer

Entries will be judged at the Street Party and awarded on the basis of taste, appearance and a memorable name.

  • Prizes for the winning entries
  • Judging by well-known local dignitaries
  • Sweet puddings of all types welcome

You can find out a bit more on our dedicated page.

The good news is that there is still time to enter. All you need to do is send an email to webmaster@parknews.co.uk stating your intent to enter by 27th May and then make the pudding or the cake ready for the big day, June 4th.

We have a first prize of a meal for 2 at MemSaab with 2nd and 3rd being champagne and Prosecco. For the main competition.

So why not use and show off your baking skills to create something fit for a Queen with an email of intent by 27th May

Minutes from the 2022 AGM

Thanks to all who attended the AGM at the 2nd Sunday Social on 8th May. We were blessed with glorious weather and had great turn out. Below you can find the minutes from the meeting.



Present: M Siebert (Chairman), A Clark, C Brown, V Hyde, D Lucas, P Hempstock, D Simpkin, 

A Hagues, D Hill.   

45 NPRA members/residents. 

1. Welcome: the Chairman welcomed members and residents at 1pm to the outdoor AGM in Newcastle Circus.

2. Apologies: none.

3. Minutes of AGM: Minutes of the AGM held 25/3/2019, available for inspection.  No matters arising. 

4. Officers: The Chairman confirmed 3 new members had joined the NPRA Committee: Vicky Hyde, Tony Hagues, now maintaining the website, Helen Gibbard, now moved to the NPEL Board.

5. Statement of Accounts: unaudited accountsas distributed for inspection. The Chairman commented that the current bank balance was £35k derived from NPRA membership fees and events which were designed to break even, not lose moneys and the ‘war chest’ was available for when agreed spending projects arose.  That the Accounts Statement be accepted proposed by D Hill, seconded by V Hyde.

6. Memberships: totalled 345, which the Chairman estimated, assuming 2 per about 80% of households, totalled 620 members, that is roughly 20% of Park residents, which was probably high for comparable communities, but with a  target of 33% to aim for. 

7. Events: the Chairman summarised events since the pandemic, for which NPRA set up on line support for residents initially. Boules have continued, with the next event Saturday 16th July. The Shakespeare Performance Company will appear on Sunday 17th July. The Safari took place after lockdown eased, but Farmers Markets had been replaced by Second Sunday Socials. The Spring and Autumn Talks were booked for the year. The Jubilee Street Party was scheduled for Saturday 4th June, with entrants to the Pudding Competition requiring to be registered by 15th May. There will be no more fireworks due to the tennis courts being resurfaced.

8. AOB: Park Bowl. The Chairman gave a brief update on the future of the Bowl area, since the EBA had moved out and the lease taken by Active Ace a company now having ceased operations. The NPRA were waiting to hear from NLTA, current operators of the area if terms can be agreed for NPRA to take on the lease and by so doing protect the Bowl.  As part of this, an ACV application had been submitted and ratification was awaited. If terms are agreed NPRA will share funding and usage with the Tennis Club and funds raised either through membership increase or possibly a fee increase. NPRA existing funds could be used to cover any capital costs at the outset, but not without prior discussion with members.

Bay of Biscay. The Chairman gave an update on options for taking over this area on the edge of The Park, for which fund raising would be required, possibly via crowd sourcing and with local community inputs. In response to residents’ queries, the Chairman confirmed that the NPRA would be working with the Park Tennis Club, NPEL and the Conservation Trust; that the sort of uses could include a kiddies playground and small allotments; and that if the project went ahead the NPRA would need to become incorporated as a more formal body – a limited company or a CIC –  to take on the lease. 

A further resident query was whether the NPEL could move into one of the 4 pavilions in the Bowl area and sell the Office. The Chairman confirmed that much of the site was currently underused and comprised 17 tennis courts and had 3 leased plots each with a rental value of around £6k per annum. Access to part of one of these, known as The Paddock may also be an issue with badgers present. A further query was whether there could be a playground. 

Dan L, Conservation Trust, commented that it was doubtful that the NLTA had a serious intention to sell, and to sell a Park asset, the Office, to fund a lease would be contentious.

A Clark, on behalf of NPRA members, proposed thanks to the Chairman for all the work put in, which the meeting endorsed.

There being no further questions, the Chairman welcomed and introduced Martin Orrell, a Park resident, who outlined his proposal for an Arts Network based in the Park, including existing groups and individuals from the arts world and asked for NPRA support to start the network. Ultimately there could be a Park Arts Festival. There was positive interest for the project from the meeting. One query was raised about possible conflict with U3A, but the creative network groups would not compete. The Chairman agreed to send an email inviting members to indicate their priorities as to where to start the network. 

A resident, Christina JB, proposed thanks for the work of the NPRA, which the meeting endorsed. 

The Chairman acknowledged the input from local Councillor Angharad Roberts in completing the ACV application, and closed the meeting at 1.45pm.

AGM 2022

No one wants an online AGM, so we’ve missed a few – 3 in fact. I’m not sure what the excuse was in 2019, but we’re about to make amends.

We did announce this in January, but it’s now less than a week away, so time for a reminder. We’re holding it on Newcastle Circus as part of the Second Sunday Social, which runs as usual from 12 until 3pm.

So, if you want to find out what’s been happening behind the scenes, and about to hit you between the eyes, please come along and we’ll start proceedings at 1pm. Chairs will be provided but hopefully no tent.There are some issues we’d like your opinions on, so please come if you can. Memsaab Curries, Doh Pizza and the little Coffee Van will all be there throughout to sustain you.

You can find our accounts for 2021 here:

2021 Accounts

Links to continue to support Ukraine

Following on from the success of the fundraiser last month we thought it worth posting links and information on how you can continue to support Ukraine

Companies that haven’t left Russia

Below is a link which details of companies who have left or stayed in Russia.  The list is updated weekly so it is well worth checking back / bookmarking the page

Detailed information on how you can support Ukraine

The Ukrainian Institute London has set up a separate page with useful links, information and guidance for UK hosts looking to support Ukrainians and for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.  It includes details on :

  • Humanitarian Donations
  • Defence Donations
  • Support Ukrainian Reporting 
  • Volunteering
  • Demonstrate Your Support
  • Sources of Information


Applying to become a sponsor

The government has a scheme to allow UK Citizens to host Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their country, you can find out more and apply at the link below.

Autumn Talks 2022

The schedule for the series of Autumn Talks has been finalised. As usual all talks are to be held at the Tennis Pavilion, Tattershall Drive.

Doors open from 7pm. Talks start at 7.30pm.

Nottingham Then and NowThursday 29th September 7.30    

Graham Hayes identifies some lost City houses and hidden domestic architecture and what now replaces them.                            

Volcanoes of Italy – Thursday 27th October 7.30

Tony Waltham follows up his Spring talk on Venice with Volcanoes of Italy: spectacle and devastation on Etna, Stromboli, Vesuvius and Pompeii.

‘A greate track of blood’: Civil Wars in Nottinghamshire and the Trent Valley – Thursday 24th November 7.30

Dr David Appleby FRHistS tells us about fighting locally in the three Civil Wars between 1642 and 1651 in the East Midlands.

All are welcome and please bring your friends. The charge for the individual talks is £3 for NPRA members, £4 for non members. 

The booking arrangements will remain the same through David Hill. Please confirm if you are or are not an NPRA member.

Email:  david.hill5020@live.co.uk 

Post:  David Hill, NPRA Talks, The Old Coach House, Cavendish Crescent South, The Park,                     Nottingham NG7 1EN    Tel: 0115 9410963