Count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour between 27 and 29 January 2023.

It’s easy to count the birds you see, if you follow these simple rules.

Only include birds that land, not those flying over.Count the highest number of each species you see at any one time, otherwise you could count the same bird twice. For example, if you saw a group of four starlings, and towards the end of the hour you saw two starlings together, please record four as your final count.

Then tell us what you saw at or complete and send us the print-from-home form which you can find below.

Whatever you saw – even if nothing at all – please let us know. The more people that submit their findings, the better picture we will have of how garden birds are faring.

If you want to share your findings with the NPRA Biodiversity then email them through to and we will share with you The Park specific results

The chart below shows some of the birds you might see. Where we don’t show male and female birds, the sexes look similar, but are not always identical. Use the tally boxes to help record and count the birds you spot. You’ll find lots of tips on identifying birds as well as their calls at