The Park Bowl

The NPRA has recently submitted an ACV (Asset of Community Value) application to Nottingham City Council relating to the area known as The Park Bowl. ACV status is something created by the Government in 2011, allowing people to register sites or buildings that contribute or have contributed to the social wellbeing of the local community. This includes cultural, recreational and sporting uses. You can read more about this on the Government’s web site here:–2
ACV status provides a safeguard for a local community in the event of an amenity valued by local people being at risk. 
Although The Park already has various additional levels of protection, including its Conservation Area status and the Park Plan, these sorts of protections may not always be inviolable, and it was decided that ACVs might be worth applying for on certain sites. 
The decision to apply for ACV status for the Park Bowl was prompted by the site owner asking if the NPRA would be interested in purchasing or taking on the lease for the middle part of the site, which until recently was leased by Active Ace for tennis and sports coaching. Those with long memories will remember a similar situation arose around ten years ago, when the future of the site was uncertain for some time, after the EBA bowling club ended their long standing use of that site. Being potentially back in the same position again prompted the NPRA to look at all the options available to secure the future of The Bowl in general for use by the community, and reduce the risk of it coming under the control of some other party over whom we would have little influence. 
The ACV application is supported by details of existing and recent community use, and includes a map with some suggestions for how this site and the rest of The Bowl could potentially be used were it to become available. They are clearly suggestions, not decisions. The whole point of seeking greater control is to be in a position where we could decide what we might want to use the sites for should the opportunity arise, so nothing could or would happen without full consultation with Park residents, and no doubt some considerable fund raising activities. The application can be viewed here:
Reference: 22/00062/ASCMVL
Request for the Park Bowl to be included on the List of Assets of Community Value. The Park Bowl  – Tattershall Drive, Nottingham, NG7 1BX
We will update this information when the City Council has considered our ACV application, or if there are other developments to report. Meanwhile, if residents think there are other sites in The Park that may benefit from ACV status, please let us know.

Planning applications

We have added a new page which will hold details of all new planning applications. You can quickly navigate to the page through the header menu or by clicking the link below

Planning applications page

The intent of this page is to group together all planning applications that are registered within The Park and applications of interest in a close proximity to The Park. If you wish to read and comment on any of the proposals, links are provided for you to be able to do this on the Nottingham City Council planning portal.

Ukraine Fundraising Update

An update on our Ukraine crisis tea and cake event on Saturday. 

The total amount raised was £5096. Of this, the Children’s cafe raised £240 on Saturday morning and the raffle raised over £300. We have cheques which are being paid directly to the Red Cross & cash raised is being put with electronic payments and then sent to the Red Cross.

In a while we should receive acknowledgement of our donations. We had hoped to raise around a thousand pounds. We were donated many, many more cakes than we were promised and the cash collection surpassed our wildest estimates. Huge thanks are due to the team who cooked, baked, made tea and (wonderful proper) coffee, set up, washed up and cleaned up. 

Thank you all very much. 

Thank you also to those who gave envelopes of cash, cheques, and electronic funds. What amazing generosity and what a terrific community. It is hard to imagine how dreadful it is to lose so much in such dreadful circumstances. We have seen it before in Ethiopia, Syria, and other places. Let’s hope our contribution will make a small difference to the people of Ukraine.  

Lastly, by requesting enveloped donations we offered anonymity to those who made donations. Despite donations being largely in cash it appears we are able to forward names and addresses of those who pay UK Income Tax for the Red Cross to claim Gift Aid.

If you pay little or no Income Tax this is not relevant to you. However, if any of you feel you can do this, you can download a form here to apply gift aid to your donation.

Ann is happy to receive the form electronically ( or in hard copy to the Park Tennis Club. 

Thank you all so much, Ann, Beth, Pam, Barrie, Maggie, Sharon, Jean and our team.

If you missed the event but would still like to make a donation then you can find a postal form you can download here. Alternatively you can make a donation direct to the Red Cross online here.