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Padel Tennis articles

Padel is more popular than ever. Almost every tennis club has already set up padel courts or is at least thinking about it. There is only one problem: padel seems to generate far more noise nuisance than tennis. DOX Noise Control acoustic solutions can resolve this issue.

Experience has shown that the best solution is a sound wall placed directly near the padel court. It does need to be high, with a recommended height of 4 meters given the nature and intensity of the noise.

A special task force initiated by the Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB), has produced some ‘Padel and noise’ guidelines. One of the recommendations it makes is to place padel courts at least 100m away from residential properties.

“The one existing padel court is noticeably louder than any of the existing courts. The noise of the ball on the racket or on the glass surround can be like gunfire. Simply put that existing court already spoils my enjoyment of my back garden. We fail to see how a four-metre high acoustic fence will reduce the noise level to that of the existing single court.”

The Dutch tennis and padel association, specialist builders and anti-noise campaigners have agreed new recommendations for the construction of padel courts, following numerous complaints, the AD reported on Tuesday.

The recommendations state that new padel courts must be built no closer to homes than 100 metres, and in some case up to 160 metres away.