Over the years Steve Brazier & Andy Hall (Notts Birdwatchers), has been putting together a list of birds spotted in and over The Park.

These have been categorised as:

Resident – breeding and present all year

Visitor – spotted frequently but not common

Passage – winter and summer migrants present for short periods

Breeding – either as summer migrants or residents

Fly-over – seen only over but not within the park

The birds are also stated as Common, Occasional or Rare.

Photos of each of the resident birds are below the list so you know exactly what each bird looks like.

BirdCommon, Occasional or RareCategoryNotes
BlackcapOccasionalBreedingNow breeding – a few over-winter and visit bird tables
Black-headed gullOccasionalFly-overTo be seen as fly-overs, especially on warm summer evenings, feeding on swarming flying ants high overhead.
Blue TitCommonResident
BramblingRarePassageWinter visitor to bird feeders
BullfinchOccasionalVisitorNot common but frequent visitor
Carrion CrowCommonResident
ChiffchaffOccasionalBreedingSummer visitor, possibly breeding.
Coal TitCommonResident / BreedingCommon winter visitor – may be resident and breeding 
Collared DoveCommonResident
Common BuzzaedOccasionalFly-overOccasional fly-overs. Becoming common residents around Nottingham.
DunnockCommonResidentCommon resident but not always apparent
Feral PigeonCommonResident
FieldfareRarePassageReported as a winter visitor
FirecrestRarePassageRare visitor
GoldfinchCommonResidentResident. Often on Lenton Road (near Castle). Allegedly find sunflower-heads irresistible at winter feeding-stations
Greater Spotted WoodpeckerCommonResidentBreeds nearby, probably winter visitor to bird-feeders
Great TitCommonResident
GreenfinchCommonResidentCommon resident but declining
Green woodpeckerCommonResidentAlmost certainly breeding. Heard more than seen, eg. wooded cliff above. Park Valley
Grey WagtailRarePassage
HeronCommonVisitorNow common visitor to fish-ponds all year. Breeds nearby, eg University Park.
House MartinRarePassageUncommon passage visitor.  Breeds in Nottingham
House SparrowRareVisitorNot seen for a long time.  Breed elsewhere in Nottingham e.g. West Bridgford
JackdawOccasionalFly-overMost likely to be seen flying over (with rooks) to large roost at Wollaton Park on winter afternoons. 
JayOccasionalResidentIncreasingly present in Circus and Gardens
KestrelOccasionalFly-overResident in the City but seen only occasionally flying over Park
Long-tailed TitCommonResidentIncreasingly common resident. One of few species on the increase
MallardOccasionalFlyoverOccasional visitors to garden ponds and as fly-overs. Breed nearby.
Mistle ThrushCommonResidentCommon resident. Heard more than seen, Newcastle Circus and Lenton Road, for example.
NuthatchCommonResidentResident but seems to be declining in numbers in recent years. Frequently at winter bird-feeders. 
Pied WagtailOccasionalVisitorThere is a very large winter roost in Old Market Square around sunset.
RedpollRareVisitorA possible Mealy Redpoll seen twice on feeder in Mevell Court garden.
RedwingRarePassageUncommon winter visitor feeding on lawns
RobinCommonResidentOne of few birds singing in winter and summer
RookOccasionalFly-overMost likely to be seen flying over (with jackdaws) to large roost at Wollaton Park on winter afternoons. 
SiskinRareVisitorWinter visitor to bird feeders
Song ThrushOccasionalVisitorSadly no longer a common resident – may not now be breeding in Park(song may be confused with (still-resident) Mistle Thrush)
SparrowhawkCommonResidentNow seen regularly
Spotted FlycatcherRareVisitorBred in Newcastle Drive (at least until late 70’s)
StarlingOccasionalVisitorResident until about fifteen years ago. While still present in the City, not now to be seen in the Park
Stock DoveRareVisitor
SwallowRarePassageProbably only a passage visitor
Mute SwanOccasionalFly-overWinter flocks occasionally overhead
SwiftCommonPassageNo longer breeding in The Park, though still nearby in very small numbers. 
Tawny OwlCommonResidentStill present as probable resident breeding birds but reduced activity in last four years. Sometimes to be heard around Newcastle Circus
TreecreeperRareVisitorSeen more than once several years ago.
WaxwingRareVisitorSeen in suburban Nottingham supermarket car-parks most years
WoodcockRarePassageRare passage migrant. Dead bird found near Market Square about 1996.
Wood PigeonCommonResident
WrenCommonResidentOften overlooked but surprisingly long and loud call is frequently heard.