Nottingham Men Allowed – what’s happening? 

Starting from scratch in March 2024, Nottingham Men Allowed is about getting 40 or so local men to rehearse over six weeks for a charity concert supporting Prostate Cancer UK which will take place at the Marcus Garvey Centre on Saturday 20th April.

Sign-up Sessions 

Come along to one of our sign-up sessions where you can meet our Musical Director Ian Watts and the team, as well as the singers who will help and support you throughout the project. 

There is NO audition, you’ll simply be asked to sing a few notes so we know how high/low your voice is and what voice part you will sing. 

The sessions will be up-stairs at the Canal House Pub, Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7EH as follows: 

  • Tuesday 27th February: 7.30pm – 9.30pm 
  • Tuesday 5th March: 7.30pm – 9.30pm 

You only need to attend one of these sessions. Please let us know ASAP which session you wish to attend, and we will give you a timeslot to minimise your waiting time. 


Rehearsals will be from 7.30pm until 9.30 pm on the evenings of 14th, 19th, 26th March, then 2nd, 9th and 16th April at the Canal House Pub, Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7EH. You will have already met Ian and the team – we’ll supply the music – all you have to do is turn up! 

The Big Day 

The local Nottingham Men Allowed concert is at The Marcus Garvey Centre at 7.30pm on Saturday 20th April 2024. 

Your questions answered: 

You’re bound to have a question or two about the project. I hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for here… 

The Singers – who is it for? 

We’re looking for ordinary men like YOU who would like to get involved in group singing, meet a fantastic bunch of new people and have some fun while raising money for a fantastic cause. Plus – of course – there are the well-documented physical and emotional benefits of group singing, which is proven to improve wellbeing and productivity! 

But I have never sung – can I come? 

Yes, absolutely… helping people discover their voice is what the project is all about! Our musical director, Ian Watts, is very experienced at leading singers who have never sung before and/or who can’t read music. 

So, is it only for beginners, then? 

We welcome experienced singers and beginners alike. Whatever your musical ability you are very welcome. And if you have some experience, that’s great! 

Have I got to audition? 

This is NOT the X Factor and there is NO formal audition! However, during the introductory session we’d like to hear your voice so we can allocate you the right voice part. If you are one of the very few people who we think would struggle a lot and not enjoy singing within the group, we’ll be kind enough to let you know at the outset! 

This is a choir, right? 

The word ‘choir’ conjures up all sorts of pictures, most of which are inaccurate. But yes, Nottingham Men Allowed will be a group of men singing together which – by definition – is a choir, but not as you know it! 

What is a male voice choir? 

Like a mixed voice choir, a male voice choir sings in four parts, but using only men’s voices. The parts are (from highest to lowest): Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1 (we often call that “Baritone”) and Bass 2. 

What support can I expect? 

Ian Watts is the director of Nottingham Men Allowed. He is very approachable and is committed to helping all members of the group throughout the project, supported by our team and mentors. 

What sort of music can I expect? 

An eclectic mix with something for everyone… there might be songs from the shows like Les Miserables, some standards like Softly, As I Leave You, some traditional numbers like When The Saints Go Marching In, some more modern songs like Billy Joel’s And So It Goes, and fun numbers like The Rhythm of Life. We haven’t worked out the programme for the Nottingham Men Allowed concert yet, but this is the sort of music you can expect! 

How much does it cost? 

Participation is completely free of charge all we ask for is for a £20 donation to go towards covering costs. 

For further information please visit our website  Nottingham Men Allowed Pop Up Choir — Nottingham SINGS ; email  or call David on 0788 791 8638.

Contact us TODAY and start YOUR singing journey!