If you want to join in, either as a host or a diner (we need a proportion of both) please download, print and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send it back to us so we can start the machine going that works out who eats what where and with whom. Unbelievably complicated behind the scenes, but very simple on the night.

We all meet by 6:45 pm for 7pm at the Park Tennis Club pavilion for champagne and your individual instructions. This will be an envelope containing a map showing which house you (single or couple) will be going to for your first course. Off you trot and at 8.45pm you’ll all be handed your second envelope which will tell you where you go next for your main course. And at 10.15pm you get shown the door and make your way back to the pavilion for desserts, coffee and a debriefing ses- sion – always good value that bit.

Price varies from £20.00 per head including drink to nothing if you host a main course. Any profits will be drunk by your good selves before the night’s out, so I’d say that’s pretty good value for what is always an entertaining night out.

We’re going to limit this one to 100 people, so RSVP ASAP if you want to be part of our eighth Safari Supper. And remember we do need two thirds of you to just eat, so don’t feel like you have to do anything more than enjoy yourselves and meet your neighbours, which is what it’s all about.

Date: Saturday 23rd September

Fizz & instructions: 6.45pm, Park Tennis Club Pavilion 

First course: 7.45pm, host’s house in The Park

Main course: 9.00pm, host’s house in The Park

Dessert buffet: 10.30pm, Park Tennis Club

Price per ticket:

  • £20.00, if you’re eating only 
  • £15.00, if you’re bringing a dessert 
  • £5.00, hosting a first course with wine 
  • FREE, hosting a main course with wine

Tickets are sold per person. If you are a couple, we’ll assume you want to stay together to eat . . . Hosts get reductions on BOTH tickets, plus three or four bottles of wine to serve.

Let us know if you want to avoid meat or stairs. Beyond that, be prepared for whatever and whoever turns up. There will be a full debrief over desserts if necessary!

For all the information please visit the link below, please download the file, print and fill out the form:

Safari Super Invite 2023