This is the website of the Nottingham Park Residents’ Association (NPRA).  For information about parking permits, rising bollard passes, the rentcharge or management of the estate you need to contact the Nottingham Park Estate Limited (NPEL) which is the estate management company.  Their contact details can be found on their website at  For details of who does what in The Park, please see The Park Family Tree.

NPRA Contacts

Mike Siebert, Chair, 0115 9243841
Ali Baylav, 0115 9410656,
Stephen Hyde, 0115 9415598,
Heather Johnson-Hill, 0115 9417250,
David Hill, 0115 9410963,
Dan Lucas, 0115 9243181,
Barrie Shay 0115 9414943,
Christine Walker,
Andrew Clark, 0115 9502344,
Claire Brown, 07747 037619,
Paul Hempstock, Webmaster, Magazine Editor, 07736 857626,
Philip Glazebrook, 07974 912151,