Park Garden Trail 2017: tickets on sale

Tickets for the 23rd Park Garden Trail (Sunday, 25th June 2017) are now available online! Once again, we have kept the price at an affordable £5 per adult (children and young people up to age 18 are still free, too). There is also a special £10 ticket – a wonderful Mother’s Day gift – that includes strawberries and cream and a glass of fizz. Please visit our website for details –

We have a record 23 gardens and green spaces that will be open, and will have even more entertainment, activities, food, drink and farmers’ market stalls available – most of them at the Park’s hub in Newcastle Circus. Last time, we raised £20k for local charities from 5000 visitors – but of course, we would like to exceed that this year!

If you purchase your tickets online in advance you will have an hour’s headstart on the queues, as you will be able to collect your tickets/programme at a dedicated ticketpoint, and have early access to some of our gardens, from 12pm rather than 1pm. We will also email you the map of the gardens a few days before PGT so that you can plan your trail in advance.

Do hope to see you there!

the Park Garden Trail Committee

Safari Dinner 2016

The Safari Dinner for 2016 has been announced.  Click here for the event details.

Here’s how it works:

Safari Suppers work as well with 20 people as 200, – you can choose to host or be hosted – or both, as everyone changes houses between courses, meeting new people at each sitting. And then we all get together afterwards (at a venue to suit the number of diners) for drinks, coffee, or more food if you were unfortunate and got served tripe and onions.

This is always a very entertaining experience, and one that you’ve got to try. £17.50 per person covers our costs and nothing more, and includes wine before and during the meal. Offer to host one course, for 6 to 8 people, and the ticket price reduces.

What you need to know depends on whether you’re just eating or hosting as well, but either way, it’s all very well organised and explained on the night. We’ve not lost anyone yet.

Firstly, you must let us know if you’re a vegetarian, or have some weird allergy.  Other than that you just need to stick to the plan.
Feel free to bring wine with you if you’re feeling generous / thirsty, but wine will be provided by your hosts with each course.  Please pay up now and don’t leave it till the night, and if you do have to cancel, please let us know asap.

If you’re hosting, you will experience the evening from both sides, as you’ll still get to eat another course somewhere else. We need about a third of the participants to host one course, which is not usually a problem. If you do host, we will do our best to locate your other courses as close by as possible to reduce your commute time. Please can you make some kind of sign to stick outside your house so that diners can find you easily. If there are any special directions required to find you, please let us know and we will add this to the maps. Other than that you just need to prepare a meal. If you can’t cook, we assume you won’t be putting yourself forward.

First Course hosts
All we need to know is your address and how many you’re catering for, including yourselves.  At the pre drinks gathering you’ll be given a couple of bottles of wine and the main course envelopes for redirecting your guests onto their main course.  Please let us know if you feel you are unable to make it to the welcome fizz at the tennis club first and we Will drop off wine & envelopes in advance.  Remember IT IS YOUR JOB TO KICK THEM OUT, so set your alarm for 8.45 and be firm with the loiterers…. and don’t forget you’re going on to a main course too.

Main Course hosts
Just make sure you’re not too slow getting back to your own house after your first course to avoid any confusion.  We assume you’ve worked out a simple meal that can be ready to serve pretty much as you return.
Please leave with your guests at 10.15 prompt, and make your way back to the tent for the finale.

There’s plenty of time so don’t feel rushed – just set an alarm because otherwise you will forget.

Pudding Chefs
Please bring your puds along to the tennis club at 6.30ish (there will be space in the fridge to keep them chilled if necessary).  We have a system to ensure you get your plate / dish back washed after the event.

And that’s all there is to it!

One final plea ……. please do not bring along an extra friend or drop out without notice as this will cause unbelievable chaos & spoil the evening for the other diners.

Thank you & we hope you enjoy meeting people you’ve lived alongside for many years and may never have met!

See you on the night, but please just send us a final ‘yes’ email so we can relax.

Mike Siebert, Catherine Lambden Bond
and the NPRA crew.

Mike Siebert
EcologicHomes Ltd.
07508 161333

Who does what

From the NPRA…

“It’s very easy to get too close to all this and forget how confusing it can be to those who are not directly involved – which is most of us, so we’ve belatedly come up with a graphic representation of ‘who does what’ to clarify the situation once and for all. There are other organisations as well, but these are the main three that have a direct influence on the Estate as a whole. All are open to any resident to get involved at any level, so even if it’s just to offer a one off helping hand, please get in touch. The more residents involved the better, and the less we’ll all have to do.”