You can’t have too much support apparently. We will no doubt have to update the information on the flyers distributed to all Park residents on 22nd March as events overtake us, and we will be doing that here and by email to all those NPRA members for whom we hold email addresses.

***FIRST UPDATE*** Unbelievably we’ve used an out of date phone number on the flyers for the Park Estate office. The number for those not on email to use is 0115 947 4273. If you do know of anyone who is unlikely to be using email, could you please let them know of this correction. Thankyou.



This was meant to be when we released details of this year’s markets but it’s now the usual cancellation news that we have grown to expect.

The plan this year was to hold four big event markets to mark the four seasons:

Spring Market: Sunday 5th April

Summer Solstice Market: Sunday 21st June (nearly)

Autumn Harvest Market: Sunday 13th September

Christmas Market: Sunday 13th December

How many of these actually take place we shall have to wait and see. Once we’ve all learnt responsible social distancing we’ll be allowed back out to play, so roll on the ‘new normal’.

Spring Talks 2020

*** All Talks cancelled until further notice ***

(We will be coming up with a cunning plan or two in the near future to keep you entertained)

The new schedule of Spring Talks is now available. Please note them in your diaries and book your place early as they are always well attended!

All talks are held in the Tennis Pavilion, Tattershall Drive, beginning 7.30pm, doors and bar open at 7.00pm.

NPRA 2020 SpringTalks

New Nottingham Ward Boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has announced the final recommendations for ward boundary changes in Nottingham. The new ward will come into force in the May 2019 City Council elections.

The full report and map are available at, however, a summary is below.

The Commission changed its initial recommendation for separate City and The Park wards. Feedback during consultation suggested that many people living in the proposed The Park ward used facilities and amenities in the city centre and that the two areas should be combined into a single ward. The Commission found the local evidence to join the two areas together persuasive and now proposes a two-councillor ward to cover the central part of Nottingham. The ward will be called Castle.

These are the pertinent sections (paraphrased) from the detailed full report:

58. The Conservatives and five other submissions supported a City ward, arguing that the city centre is very different to its surrounding communities and therefore has very different needs and interests. Most residents in City live in apartments surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars and offices. This is unique in Nottingham and the proposals reflected that.

59. The Conservatives and 31 other submissions supported The Park ward, arguing that it reflected the community and did not dilute the voice of the Park Estate by merging it with any of its neighbouring communities.

60. The Council and 30 other submissions objected to either a City or The Park wards, with most of the residents writing in support of the Council’s alternative proposal, which was to combine the two wards. The submissions pointed out that the Park Estate itself is purely residential and that the people who live there primarily use shops and social facilities in the city centre. In addition, by the Council’s estimate, only 55% of The Park’s electorate live in the Park Estate itself. People living in flats on The Ropewalk or Castle Boulevard in ‘The Park’ ward saw themselves as city centre residents and did not identify with the Park Estate in any way.

64. Regarding City and The Park, the Commission received some evidence to support retaining City as a single-councillor ward. However, they considered that the evidence for combining City with The Park was stronger: “While it is very clear that the Park Estate is a separate residential area, it is not a self-contained unit, as residents need to leave the Estate to access any services. In addition, the Estate itself is too small for a ward on its own and the areas we included with it, such as The Ropewalk and Castle Boulevard, appear to be an extension of the city centre. Using Maid Marian Way as a boundary would split them from their natural community. Therefore, as part of our final recommendations we are proposing to combine our City and The Park wards into a two-councillor ward called ‘Castle’, as proposed by the Council.”




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