Joining the NPRA

NPRA membership costs £10 a year.

When you join you receive The Park Card which offers a range of discounts at businesses and restaurants across Nottingham. You will only need to use this a couple of times to more than recoup the cost of membership. You can find out more about these discounts here.

By joining the NPRA you can help to make it more representative of our community and you can help the NPRA to pursue more ambitious projects on its behalf.

The NPRA brings you:

The Park Card – get discounts with local restaurants and other businesses.
Park News – our magazine delivered free to everyone twice a year.
The Park Essentials – a welcome pack for new residents.
The Farmer’s Market – monthly market in Newcastle Circus
The Safari Dinner – annual social event.
NPRA website –
This NPRA Facebook Group
A newly renovated Tennis Pavillion/Village Hall
Street Parties
Christmas Carols
2 years free membership of the Enterprise Car Club
Representation on the Park Conservation Trust.

Please click the following link to set up a Direct Debit mandate and join the NPRA.